Find the right Zebra: Our new Supplies Finder Tool makes it easy

One of the reasons we recommend Zebra printers so often to our Vision Computer Works customers is because they make a great printer. For barcode labels, tags, cards, wristbands, and receipts, if it’s got Zebra on outside, we know there’s spectacular engineering on the inside.

So, that’s a big reason, but here’s another one. Zebra is as committed to ensuring the lasting quality of their printers as they are in building them (which they do right in the first place). The range of supplies—label media, cards, paper, ribbons, and cartridges—is as exhaustive as you’re going to find anywhere. If there’s a particular application that Zebra printers can handle, they’ve already engineered the supplies to make it happen. Need a label that can withstand extreme heat or cold? They have it. Need a label that can print a quarter-inch barcode and remain scannable? What color do you want? There are literally thousands of combinations of media and adhesive.

We love that about Zebra. Our customers never fail to get what they want. And by using Genuine Zebra Supplies, they also qualify to get free printheads for their Zebra printers. Free! A printhead can run about $400 to replace, and they DO wear out, so this is a great program. We make it available for any Vision Computer Works customer who purchases the Zebra printer from us and then commits to using only the best (including us!).

But there has been one little snag in the vastness of Genuine Zebra Supplies. Our customers are sometimes confused about which choice is best for their printer. We worked with Zebra to sort that out. Introducing the brand new Supplies Finder Tool. All you have to do is click through a series of drop-down menus.

When you need to order or reorder supplies for your Zebra printer, go to the Supplies Finder Tool, and click on the printer you’re using. Then, you’ll get all the options for types of media. Choose any that apply, and then click on “Select Printer Technology” (e.g., Direct Thermal, Thermal Transfer, or “I don’t know”).

Next, click “Select Media Type” and you might get a menu with “Paper”, “Synthetic” or “I don’t know”, or perhaps “Cards” or “Wristbands”, depending on the printer you have. “I don’t know” will always give you the most options.

If you’re looking for labels, you’ll then get drop-down menus to choose the width and the length of your labels. Click the “Find Supplies” button and you’ll see a detailed list of the supplies that match your criteria, including product description and SKU.

You can compare your options and then place your order. And if you have any questions, contact Vision Computer Works, and we’ll guide you to the best choice.