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A Mobile Computing Case Study, A Printer Case Study and More

Our philosophy is simple: we succeed when our customers succeed. When faced with especially complex IT challenges, our customers turn to us to help them identify goals, pinpoint potential obstacles and create smart, forward-thinking solutions. The mobile computing case study, printer case study and other case studies below detail a few of the ways we’ve helped our clients overcome specific challenges – and thrive in the long run. If you’re curious about how we can help you, contact us today to start the conversation.

Mobile Computing in a Warehouse

National Distribution Company Goes Mobile With Vision Computer Works

Damco Distribution Services, a warehousing and distribution company in South Gate, Calif., handles hundreds of shipments for customers around the country, so accuracy is crucial. “We deliver cross-docking, warehousing and inland transportation services to shippers from 21 facilities in every major ocean and rail gateway in North America,” says Rolando Zambrana, senior analyst, technical support at Damco.

“We can’t afford to make mistakes.” For most of their business history, the process of receiving shipments, counting boxes, applying labels, and shipping outbound for their clients was manual. “In the good old days we did everything by hand using pencil and paper. Accuracy was always an issue because my fives tend to look like the letter ‘S’ and I’m not the only one,” says Zambrana. “The bill-of-lading process also used to take much longer by hand, not to mention unloading containers and taking inventory. The need to automate all of that was something we knew we had to pursue if we wanted to stay competitive.”

That’s when they turned to Vision Computer Works, (VCW).

Vision Helps GCA Improve Print Quality

When Global Cash Access, Inc. (GCA) needed better-quality check printers, they turned to VCW for help.

“At GCA, we provide credit and payment solutions for the casino gaming
industry. That means we distribute and manage ATMs for casinos, and
provide ticket cashers and change machines, too,” says Mark Cordero,
GCA’s purchasing manager.

“We had been using another manufacturer’s check printer that wasn’t cutting it,” Cordero says. “We were getting a lot of chargeback issues from our bank. The toner would not adhere to the paper. I could rub my hand across the check and smear the ink, and that wasn’t good.”

Vision Empowers Local Design Firm to Build for Success.

“We’re an 8-year-old architectural design firm whose partners helped to design many high profile structures abroad,” says Rommel Regalado, IT manager for Hollywood, Calif.,-based 5+design. “Due to the nature of our business, we use an incredible amount of data storage space and our legacy IBM solution wasn’t keeping up with our demand. We needed help.”

That’s when the firm turned to Vision Computer Works (VCW) and its co-founder, Stuart Smith. “Regalado and his team were using an end-of-life IBM SAN and they really needed more storage,” says Graham Mannassi, IT consultant for VCW. “They also needed a solution that was compatible with their IBM Blade setup.”

Sitting down with IBM representatives, Regalado, Smith and Mannassi worked out a solution that addressed their needs for the next three years.

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