Can you find your “Things”?

I admit it. I frequently have to dial my smartphone to find it. And my tablet might be wherever I last grabbed a bite of my lunch.

I can’t always find my “things”, but I find a way to find them. So, when the whole “Internet of Things” buzz cranked up, I was all ears. IoT (because we love our acronyms, don’t we?) is a system for connecting data-collecting technology, like devices, software, and data that is accessible through the Cloud. We have become a data-hungry culture that feeds on information, so we need access—instantly. Ten seconds seems like an eternity when you’re waiting for a file to download or a webpage to open.

It’s not just about speed, but access. We’re trying to wrap our enterprise around a network that continues to populate itself, spreading and becoming more dense. Devices are onboarding and being decommissioned on a daily basis, along with software upgrades and the security challenge of protecting it all. We’re surrounded by sensors that transmit information: RFID, GPS, and RTLS. A strong IoT platform is necessary to keep the flow moving steadily, avoiding costly bottlenecks and downtime.

At Vision Computer Works, our focus is on business technology solutions. As we equip our customers with the hardware, software, and services to gain better visibility, we also have to support the connectivity of this ever-growing network. It doesn’t matter which industry you’re in. You’re relying on connectivity to information. If you doubt that, just ask yourself how productive you will be when your Internet connection drops off.

Zebra has developed Zatar, an enterprise IoT platform that serves businesses on three levels:

  1. Device API connects devices
  2. Application API enables custom application development
  3. A portfolio of out-of-the-box IoT apps already developed by Zebra.

Zatar can help you pull your data network together. Locate your assets (including people), find transactions, and gain insight into essential metrics so you make more informed, timely business decisions. Streamline your logistics from a tangled knot of mobile devices and Cloud-based applications into a manageable network. Zatar supports both legacy and smart devices, offering remote device management across your enterprise. So, it allows for easier integration.

We’re here to help you keep find your “Things”. Talk to us  about IoT and what it can do for your business.