Stay Genuine and we’ll give you free printhead replacements

The printhead on a thermal printer is both the most delicate component on the equipment and the most expensive to replace. Not a good combination.

A printhead is like a set of tires for your car. Eventually, you’ll have to replace them. But if you start with good tires—not retreads or bargain buys—and have them balanced and rotated according to the maintenance schedule, then you can drive many more miles before replacement.

A printhead can cost up to $400. Yeah, ouch. But Vision Computer Works has joined forces with Zebra to makes this inevitable cost go away.


When you register for the Printhead Protection Program, you’ll never have to pay for a printhead replacement for your Zebra printer—ever. All you have to do is purchase Genuine Zebra® supplies from us to use with your Zebra thermal printer. And that’s a good thing. Zebra is the leading manufacturer of supplies for thermal printers. Zebra’s commitment to quality assurance makes our job easier, because the labels, ribbons, paper, printheads, tags, wristbands, and about a thousand combinations of media deliver consistently exceptional results. The manufacturing is consistent—no substitutions, compromises, or shortcuts. The products are extensively tested to make sure they perform at peak, every time.

You know you get what you pay for, right? Well, we’ve seen far too many times how people have opted for bargain brands for labels, ribbons, and plastic cards, only to pay dearly in the end when those materials messed up their printers. The adhesive oozed on the way through. Media left behind dust and debris that destroyed the printhead. And labels printed so poorly that they had to be redone. There goes the “savings”.

When you invest in a Zebra printer, you’re buying into a brand with a reliable history and bright future. You purchase the innovation, ease of use, quality printing, rugged performance, and a host of other features. Why would you rob yourself of all that by cutting corners on subpar supplies?

With the Printhead Protection Program, you get rewarded for making a smart choice. Buy Genuine Zebra supplies and get free printhead replacements for your Zebra thermal printer. It’s really that easy.

Contact us to learn how to enroll in the Printhead Protection Program. And for once, get more than what you paid for!