Gratitude… thank you to all!

I’ve noticed over the past 22 years of business how important it is not only to sell lots to provide a good living for myself and

family, but just as importantly to enjoy my work while sitting at my desk for 30% of my waking hours.

As the years progress I find that I truly enjoy our customers and vendors, and actually look forward to coming to work.

I have customers who I can now call my friends.

We are blessed to work with the most knowledgable and professional distribution companies in the industry that support

us in our mission to be the best at what we do!


A special thanks to Liz at Scansource for taking the time on her travels to LA to indulge with Stuart and me in a wonderful breakfast at Malibu Farms last month; we were blessed as well to see a Grey Whale head North while discussing new business opportunities.

Enjoy life each and every day.

Take the time to ask whomever it is on the end of the your call or email;

“How are you today?” “What made YOU smile today”?

You did 🙂