Garbage in, garbage out: Why quality matters for printer supplies

For those of you who are parents, do you let your kids fill up on junk food? I’m hoping you all answered a resounding, “No way!” And if you didn’t, well, this blog might not make any sense whatsoever to you. Feel free to grab a Twinkie and a soda while the rest of us… Read More »

Can you find your “Things”?

I admit it. I frequently have to dial my smartphone to find it. And my tablet might be wherever I last grabbed a bite of my lunch. I can’t always find my “things”, but I find a way to find them. So, when the whole “Internet of Things” buzz cranked up, I was all ears.… Read More »

Find the right Zebra: Our new Supplies Finder Tool makes it easy

One of the reasons we recommend Zebra printers so often to our Vision Computer Works customers is because they make a great printer. For barcode labels, tags, cards, wristbands, and receipts, if it’s got Zebra on outside, we know there’s spectacular engineering on the inside. So, that’s a big reason, but here’s another one. Zebra… Read More »

GO Zebra and GO Mobile: Go for the cash back!

Keeping up with your technology can be difficult, but at the same time, you want to maximize efficiency—which means feature-rich equipment with the latest upgrades. We understand that budgets don’t allow for an upgrade every time a new device is issued. We partnered with Zebra to make it easier to leverage their innovative technology. The… Read More »

Stay Genuine and we’ll give you free printhead replacements

The printhead on a thermal printer is both the most delicate component on the equipment and the most expensive to replace. Not a good combination. A printhead is like a set of tires for your car. Eventually, you’ll have to replace them. But if you start with good tires—not retreads or bargain buys—and have them… Read More »

You’re never too small to think big (at least, for your wireless network).

There’s no limit to how big you can think. Innovators aren’t restricted by what’s already been done, but inspired by the possibilities. This same approach applies to wireless networks. You’re never too small to think big. Right now, we have more mobile devices on Earth than people (SAP, 2014). And all those tablets we love… Read More »

ET, phoned home. Zebra’s ET50/55 does much more!

When I heard wind that Zebra was about to launch a new enterprise tablet, I got my usual “new technology” buzz. You know…the anticipation that is only equaled by a kid on Christmas Eve. The ET50 and ET55 made their debut in September, and we got our hands on these enterprise tablets to give them… Read More »

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